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The new trailer training accreditation scheme aims to ensure drivers who want to tow a trailer for leisure or business have the skills, knowledge, and competencies to tow safely. And for those towing a trailer in connection with their work, to help ensure an employer’s corporate responsibilities to make sure safe working practices are met.

B+E training courses are available now and anyone attending and meeting the standards required will be issued an official B+E certificate.

Our courses are approved and backed by skills for logistics (an approved accreditation governing body authorised by the DVSA)
We know for many drivers, the just thought of hitching a caravan or large trailer and taking to the road can be nerve-racking. If so, one of our towing and maneuvering courses will help you to gain confidence and competence.

Towing a trailer or caravan is something a lot of people can feel comfortable doing with just a little training and practice.

Whether you’re new to towing or need to build your confidence or you are a more experienced tower wanting to give your skills a boost, we have a caravan/ trailer course to suit your needs. (you can use one of our cars and trailers or you can use your own)

We will teach/improve your skills in some or all the skills below depending on your needs.


  1. Reversing in a straight line
  2. Reversing through narrow gaps
  3. Curved reversing
  4. Towing safely on all kinds of roads
  5. Competent and confident maneuvering
  6. Load distribution and how it affects towing
  7. Everyday safety checks
  8. Uncoupling and recoupling
  9. Basic highway road rules

Simply choose your course & book online or call us on 0800 989 0150 or mobile 0785 453 3107

2Hrs Booster Course – £50

Skills 1,2 &3

4 Hrs Intermediate Course – £100

Skills 1,2,3 & 4

6 Hrs Novice Course – £150

All Skills 1 to 9

There are 2 ways to book your Trailer Towing course.


1. Fill in the booking form below to arrange your course.

2. Choose the course you want and simply email us with details on the following email – [email protected] Please make sure you provide your name and contact telephone number!

We will contact you to confirm your booking, and to advise you of payment options.

(If you are unsure about anything at all, or have any queries which may not be covered on the website, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We will be pleased to help.)

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Our trailer training courses are run by driving experts who have many years of experience in many different forms of driver training.


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